Trabajo Vida


Last Friday was my last day at Facebook.

Committing to a new challenge outside of that amazing company was one of the hardest professional decisions I have ever had to make.

The last three years and change were quite a ride. You may have read this before but I will say it again: the most amazing thing about Facebook is its people.

I have been deeply touched by the conversations I have been having these past few days as I slowly reach out to tell people the news. I am immensely grateful to have worked side by side with the smartest, most compassionate and driven people I have ever met.

Upon reflection I am struck by the incredible ambition of the projects we embarked upon. From revolutionizing payments in the largest markets in the world, promoting financial inclusion on messaging platforms and allowing thousands of people to use basic financial instruments for the first time to enabling millions of advertisers and gamers to pay the way they want to pay – few companies can claim to have this kind of impact and scope.

I am humbled and grateful for the amazing teams at Facebook Payments that I had the privilege to support, learn from and even call friends.

So long, and thanks for all the fish

As for what’s next, I’m very excited to share my next chapter very soon, I start next month!