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skype vs. eBay?

Cuando me enteré que eBay compró Skype en $2.6 billones (4.3 si se cumplen ciertos criterios), me pregunté, junto a otras personas de la industria, ¿cuál será el match? Mientras que no es muy obvio, existe, como hace notar The Economist:

As Meg Whitman, eBay’s boss, and Mr Zennstrom explain it, a combination of eBay and Skype is not all that far-fetched. From eBay’s point of view, placing cute Skype buttons on the web pages where people trade used cars, houses and other items that usually require voice bargaining “reduces friction”, says Ms Whitman. Buyers can simply click on the button and talk to sellers. Another idea is to make money from “pay-per-call” advertising, where advertisers would place voice links (ie, Skype buttons) on certain pages just as they now place text links on, say, the search-results pages of Google. Whenever a web surfer clicks on one of these links and talks to a salesperson, the advertiser would pay eBay and Skype a fee. Google got rich by doing this in the text world; there is no reason why eBay might not be able to do it in the voice world.

From Skype’s point of view, the deal strengthens its existing link with PayPal, eBay’s online bank, which it uses to charge for services such as calls from computers to conventional telephones (called SkypeOut) or from conventional phones into Skype (called SkypeIn). This involves prepaid accounts, which Skype users can top up via PayPal with their credit cards.

For Skype, however, the main attraction may be that eBay, unlike the other potential suitors, plans to leave it largely alone, both as a brand and as a business. “When Yahoo! and Microsoft buy companies, they typically disintegrate them,” says Mr Zennstrom. His vision for Skype, by contrast, is to become the world’s biggest and best platform for all communications—text, voice or video—from any internet-connected device, whether a computer or a mobile phone.

Me parece que no me gustaría tener dos millones de acciones de una telefónica en este momento. Cómo dice en ese mismo artículo, la cuestión ya no es “si va a pasar”, sino “cuando” va a pasar que todas las llamadas se hagan gratis por internet.

Por suerte SI estoy en el negocio de la VoIP…