Tuesday, June 19, 2007

youtube fue, ahora es blogger video

Me encanta probar tecnología nueva, especialmente esta aplicación llamada Blogger in Draft, donde integran elementos de upload de videos tal como el embed de YouTube, pero mucho más práctico, porque es directamente desde blogger.

Acá podrán ver un par de videos de hace un mes cuando conocí una de las tiendas mejor puestas que vi en mi vida, en cualquier ciudad: el local de Mercer en Palermo.


Una pena que la marca no sea muy conocida y el logo, horrendo!


De ahora en adelante no uso más el YouTube, demasiado trabajo ir hasta allá, subir, poner el embed, no da.


Tuesday, March 6, 2007

entre líneas

Les presento el corto multipremiado de mi gran amigo JP Garaguso, "Entre líneas".

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Friday, March 2, 2007

cansei de ser sexy

Mi nuevo banda fetiche. Los vi primero en una iD que le traje a mi hermano de Portugal, y después una amiga que escribe en 10Música.com me lo recomendó.

Chequeen su MySpace y el Wikipedia. No le digan que yo les conté, pero acá pueden bajar el disco debut, versión brasilera.

Vean el video de Let's Make Love and listen to Death from Above. Demás decir que amo a Lovefoxxx, la cantante brasilera-japonesa de la banda.

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

más claudia ciardone

será un poco excesiva mi cobertura de claudia ciardone, pero acá tienen un video de ella, con mucho close-up de su celu:

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Sunday, December 17, 2006


Estas cosas me frustran, onda "por dios, nadie se dio cuenta?!", el grito "London, London, London" en London Bridge de Fergie (la de Black Eyed Peas) es IGUAL a uno de M.I.A.

El nuevo video de Gwen Stefani también es igual a Fergie.



Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Yahoo: the Peanut Butter Manifesto

Salió a la luz un documento interno escrito por Brad Garlinghouse, senir VP de Yahoo! Este tipo de cosas me fascinan. Lean el memo, y después vean este artículo de BusinessWeek para ver el impacto.

Three and half years ago, I enthusiastically joined Yahoo! The magnitude of the opportunity was only matched by the magnitude of the assets. And an amazing team has been responsible for rebuilding Yahoo!

It has been a profound experience. I am fortunate to have been a part of dramatic change for the Company. And our successes speak for themselves. More users than ever, more engaging than ever and more profitable than ever!

I proudly bleed purple and yellow everyday! And like so many people here, I love this company

But all is not well. Last Thursday's NY Times article was a blessing in the disguise of a painful public flogging. While it lacked accurate details, its conclusions rang true, and thus was a much needed wake up call. But also a call to action. A clear statement with which I, and far too many Yahoo's, agreed. And thankfully a reminder. A reminder that the measure of any person is not in how many times he or she falls down - but rather the spirit and resolve used to get back up. The same is now true of our Company.

It's time for us to get back up.

I believe we must embrace our problems and challenges and that we must take decisive action. We have the opportunity - in fact the invitation - to send a strong, clear and powerful message to our shareholders and Wall Street, to our advertisers and our partners, to our employees (both current and future), and to our users. They are all begging for a signal that we recognize and understand our problems, and that we are charting a course for fundamental change. Our current course and speed simply will not get us there. Short-term band-aids will not get us there.

It's time for us to get back up and seize this invitation.

I imagine there's much discussion amongst the Company's senior most leadership around the challenges we face. At the risk of being redundant, I wanted to share my take on our current situation and offer a recommended path forward, an attempt to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem.

Recognizing Our Problems

We lack a focused, cohesive vision for our company. We want to do everything and be everything -- to everyone. We've known this for years, talk about it incessantly, but do nothing to fundamentally address it. We are scared to be left out. We are reactive instead of charting an unwavering course. We are separated into silos that far too frequently don't talk to each other. And when we do talk, it isn't to collaborate on a clearly focused strategy, but rather to argue and fight about ownership, strategies and tactics.

Our inclination and proclivity to repeatedly hire leaders from outside the company results in disparate visions of what winning looks like -- rather than a leadership team rallying around a single cohesive strategy.

I've heard our strategy described as spreading peanut butter across the myriad opportunities that continue to evolve in the online world. The result: a thin layer of investment spread across everything we do and thus we focus on nothing in particular.

I hate peanut butter. We all should.

We lack clarity of ownership and accountability. The most painful manifestation of this is the massive redundancy that exists throughout the organization. We now operate in an organizational structure -- admittedly created with the best of intentions -- that has become overly bureaucratic. For far too many employees, there is another person with dramatically similar and overlapping responsibilities. This slows us down and burdens the company with unnecessary costs.

Equally problematic, at what point in the organization does someone really OWN the success of their product or service or feature? Product, marketing, engineering, corporate strategy, financial operations... there are so many people in charge (or believe that they are in charge) that it's not clear if anyone is in charge. This forces decisions to be pushed up - rather than down. It forces decisions by committee or consensus and discourages the innovators from breaking the mold... thinking outside the box.

There's a reason why a centerfielder and a left fielder have clear areas of ownership. Pursuing the same ball repeatedly results in either collisions or dropped balls. Knowing that someone else is pursuing the ball and hoping to avoid that collision - we have become timid in our pursuit. Again, the ball drops.

We lack decisiveness. Combine a lack of focus with unclear ownership, and the result is that decisions are either not made or are made when it is already too late. Without a clear and focused vision, and without complete clarity of ownership, we lack a macro perspective to guide our decisions and visibility into who should make those decisions. We are repeatedly stymied by challenging and hairy decisions. We are held hostage by our analysis paralysis.

We end up with competing (or redundant) initiatives and synergistic opportunities living in the different silos of our company.

YME vs. Musicmatch

Flickr vs. Photos

YMG video vs. Search video

Deli.cio.us vs. myweb

Messenger and plug-ins vs. Sidebar and widgets

Social media vs. 360 and Groups

Front page vs. YMG

Global strategy from BU'vs. Global strategy from Int'l

We have lost our passion to win. Far too many employees are "phoning" it in, lacking the passion and commitment to be a part of the solution. We sit idly by while -- at all levels -- employees are enabled to "hang around". Where is the accountability? Moreover, our compensation systems don't align to our overall success. Weak performers that have been around for years are rewarded. And many of our top performers aren't adequately recognized for their efforts.

As a result, the employees that we really need to stay (leaders, risk-takers, innovators, passionate) become discouraged and leave. Unfortunately many who opt to stay are not the ones who will lead us through the dramatic change that is needed.

Solving our Problems

We have awesome assets. Nearly every media and communications company is painfully jealous of our position. We have the largest audience, they are highly engaged and our brand is synonymous with the Internet.

If we get back up, embrace dramatic change, we will win.

I don't pretend there is only one path forward available to us. However, at a minimum, I want to be part of the solution and thus have outlined a plan here that I believe can work. It is my strong belief that we need to act very quickly or risk going further down a slippery slope, The plan here is not perfect; it is, however, FAR better than no action at all.

There are three pillars to my plan:

1. Focus the vision.

2. Restore accountability and clarity of ownership.

3. Execute a radical reorganization.

1. Focus the vision

a) We need to boldly and definitively declare what we are and what we are not.

b) We need to exit (sell?) non core businesses and eliminate duplicative projects and businesses.

My belief is that the smoothly spread peanut butter needs to turn into a deliberately sculpted strategy -- that is narrowly focused.

We can't simply ask each BU to figure out what they should stop doing. The result will continue to be a non-cohesive strategy. The direction needs to come decisively from the top. We need to place our bets and not second guess. If we believe Media will maximize our ROI -- then let's not be bashful about reducing our investment in other areas. We need to make the tough decisions, articulate them and stick with them -- acknowledging that some people (users / partners / employees) will not like it. Change is hard.

2. Restore accountability and clarity of ownership

a) Existing business owners must be held accountable for where we find ourselves today -- heads must roll,

b) We must thoughtfully create senior roles that have holistic accountability for a particular line of business (a variant of a GM structure that will work with Yahoo!'s new focus)

c) We must redesign our performance and incentive systems.

I believe there are too many BU leaders who have gotten away with unacceptable results and worse -- unacceptable leadership. Too often they (we!) are the worst offenders of the problems outlined here. We must signal to both the employees and to our shareholders that we will hold these leaders (ourselves) accountable and implement change.

By building around a strong and unequivocal GM structure, we will not only empower those leaders, we will eliminate significant overhead throughout our multi-headed matrix. It must be very clear to everyone in the organization who is empowered to make a decision and ownership must be transparent. With that empowerment comes increased accountability -- leaders make decisions, the rest of the company supports those decisions, and the leaders ultimately live/die by the results of those decisions.

My view is that far too often our compensation and rewards are just spreading more peanut butter. We need to be much more aggressive about performance based compensation. This will only help accelerate our ability to weed out our lowest performers and better reward our hungry, motivated and productive employees.

3. Execute a radical reorganization

a) The current business unit structure must go away.

b) We must dramatically decentralize and eliminate as much of the matrix as possible.

c) We must reduce our headcount by 15-20%.

I emphatically believe we simply must eliminate the redundancies we have created and the first step in doing this is by restructuring our organization. We can be more efficient with fewer people and we can get more done, more quickly. We need to return more decision making to a new set of business units and their leadership. But we can't achieve this with baby step changes, We need to fundamentally rethink how we organize to win.

Independent of specific proposals of what this reorganization should look like, two key principles must be represented:

Blow up the matrix. Empower a new generation and model of General Managers to be true general managers. Product, marketing, user experience & design, engineering, business development & operations all report into a small number of focused General Managers. Leave no doubt as to where accountability lies.

Kill the redundancies. Align a set of new BU's so that they are not competing against each other. Search focuses on search. Social media aligns with community and communications. No competing owners for Video, Photos, etc. And Front Page becomes Switzerland. This will be a delicate exercise -- decentralization can create inefficiencies, but I believe we can find the right balance.

I love Yahoo! I'm proud to admit that I bleed purple and yellow. I'm proud to admit that I shaved a Y in the back of my head.

My motivation for this memo is the adamant belief that, as before, we have a tremendous opportunity ahead. I don't pretend that I have the only available answers, but we need to get the discussion going; change is needed and it is needed soon. We can be a stronger and faster company - a company with a clearer vision and clearer ownership and clearer accountability.

We may have fallen down, but the race is a marathon and not a sprint. I don't pretend that this will be easy. It will take courage, conviction, insight and tremendous commitment. I very much look forward to the challenge.

So let's get back up.

Catch the balls.

And stop eating peanut butter.

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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

media update

Lola fue entrevistada (video-entrevista, que moderno!) pero no me deja poner un link.

Tomás está infiltrando los medios locales con una habilidad reminiscente a Guido Süller.


Thursday, November 23, 2006

nota re-andy werner

gracias a PabloXXXX, aunque tendría que creer en cosas como "masa de energía positiva" para que sea realmente impactante...

Múltiple, simultáneo y global: convocan a un orgasmo mundial por la paz
Una pareja de pacifistas californianos convocó a la humanidad a "un orgasmo global por la paz" el 22 de diciembre, la fecha del próximo solsticio. Buscan crear una gran masa de energía positiva, generada por un pensamiento común y armónico al mismo tiempo.

Por Natalia Zuazo. De la redacción de Clarín.com

OK. La excusa es buenísima: juntémonos todos el 22 de diciembre, con quien queramos, y tengamos un orgasmo, simultáneo, planetariamente, para "cargar de energía humana a la Tierra" y contribuir a la "paz del mundo". Genial. Si le hace falta, es el mejor pretexto para tener sexo. Si no se animó hasta ahora, es el motivo soñado para organizar la orgía de su vida. Pero para los organizadores del "Globalorgasm", Donna Sheenan y Paul Reffel, la cosa no es sólo más seria, sino científica, y tiene unos por qués bastante curiosos.

La cuestión se explica así: hay unos científicos de la Universidad de Princeton que trabajan en un proyecto llamado EGG (Global Consciousness Project), cuyo trabajo principal es medir los niveles de energía del mundo, día por día. Y suponen que estos niveles dependen, en una relación muy directa, de cuánto se concentren las personas su pensamiento en un tema. Por ejemplo, entre otras cosas, estos "ingenieros, científicos y artistas" (¿?) descubrieron que el día en que todo el mundo vio por televisión los atentados del 11-S o el tsunami de Asia, el nivel de energía se multiplicó exponencialmente. De la misma forma, estos pacifistas afirman que "la combinación de alta energía orgásmica con la intención mental puede tener un efecto mucho mayor que las meditaciones en masa y las oraciones colectivas intentadas anteriormente".

Para que funcione, entonces, parece que no es cuestión de tener sexo (o masturbarse, claro, porque tampoco pretenderán que todos encuentren pareja de aquí a un mes y 1 día) a tontas y a locas. La cosa es que el 22 de diciembre (que cae viernes, vamos todavía, hay tiempo para la previa) los participantes deben "concentrar sus pensamientos en la paz, durante y después del orgasmo". Nada de pensar en otro/otra, en la modelo de turno, en la fantasía recurrente. No, no, amigos: ¡a pensar en la paz mundial!, que sino el acabar será en vano.

Y parece que Donna y Sheenan quieren que el llamado vaya en serio. De hecho, confían plenamente en que el anuncio y el video online recorran el mundo: "Este es uno de esos proyectos que sólo pueden tener impacto global gracias a internet", dice su sitio. "Uno no podría conseguir que la gente en todas partes escuchase este tipo de ideas sin la tecnología y la cultura que se ha formado en torno a esta tecnología", agregan. Otros ejemplos de flashmobs, convocatorias masivas y rápidas vía web, lo confirman. El sábado pasado, 3.000 personas se reunieron en Palermo a jugar a la "guerra de almohadas", convocadas por una estudiante de 23 años desde un blog. O con el "salto global" de la mañana del 20 de julio de este año, con el que un científico alemán que sostenía que si 600 millones de personas del hemisferio occidental saltaban al mismo tiempo, se podría modificar la órbita de la Tierra y mejorar el clima del planeta.

Sheehan, de 76 años, y Reffel, de 55, no son nuevos en esto. Ya promovieron numerosas protestas globales y organizaron manifestaciones contra la guerra antes de que Estados Unidos invadiera Irak en 2003. En 2002, Sheehan movilizó a casi 50 mujeres que se desnudaron y formaron con sus cuerpos la palabra "Peace" (Paz) en un predio del Condado Marin, en California. "El orgasmo p oporciona un increíble sentimiento de paz durante el orgasmo mismo y después ", dijo Sheehan en declaraciones al diario San Francisco Chronicle. "Tu mente queda como en blanco", agregó. "Es similar a un estado de meditación. Y se ha demostrado que las meditaciones colectivas logran cambios", afirmó, por si quedaban dudas, o le faltaba un empujoncito...

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Thursday, November 16, 2006

ileana es así


Les escribo para pedirles un favor. En mi blog –"Son Cosas Mías!"- estoy lanzando hoy un concurso al que le veo potencial y que tengo ganas de que sea algo grande.

Se llama "¿Quién quiere ser Iliana Calabró?" y en él van a poder participar todos aquellos que saben imitar esa cadencia deliciosa y ese cruce mestizo de italiano y esperanto que tiene Iliana, sumados a su empacho usual por comerse tantas eses.

Los participantes tienen que enviar sus imitaciones de Iliana (frases de algunos segundos como "laqueretodaparavo" o "Tené lo bolsisho cosido, Gerardo", pero también pequeños monólogos inéditos o videos donde canten con un ojo a punto de explotar de su órbita) en formato de audio, video o como se les ocurra a mi dirección, capitanintriga@gmail.com

Luego, voy a postear todos los concursantes y se va a elegir al ganador. Todavía no tengo los premios, pero quiero algo grande.

Gracias por todo, disculpen las molestias y hasta Iliana siempre,

Tomás / El Capitán

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Monday, September 4, 2006

lola es insufrible

Pero hizo un video lindísimo con Zoe, pero es tan insoportable que le deshabilitó los comments Y el embedding. Es insufrible. Me lo había querido pasar por MSN pero pesa 15MB en su versión original y tardaba dos años.

Los invito a mirar el video, leer su blog, ver su Flickr y dejar comments acá.

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

antisocial, yo?

Si viste el video tour de las instalaciones de Google, donde entrevistan un über-nerd, entenderás a qué va este artículo de Cnet.

Habla un poco respecto a cómo Google está perdiendo la batalla en algunos frentes, antes cosas como MySpace.

La frase clave del artículo: "Fundamentally, information, not people, is Google's forte"

Esto sirve como una especie de justificación, hablando de que los sitios sociales no es su metier, pero me parece cualquiera. Hace rato que Google dejó de estar enfocado en search.

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Monday, July 3, 2006

Google Checkout

Ya salió el sistema de pagos de Google, llamado Checkout.

Está bastante bien, simple, cómo debe ser, enfocado hacia la velocidad.

Checken el video explicativo al final de este post del Google Blog oficial.

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Sunday, May 28, 2006


Esto en realidad iba en otro blog, hace mil que no me pasaba!

De todas maneras aprovecho para mostrarles a esta chica, que también está en el video de Los Latigos, Luces Sensacional, y me parece muy bonita.

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Thursday, April 20, 2006

la rubia de la guitarra

Me copé con YouTube.com, es una masa, mal. Acá les dejo un video de la rubia del último post de Naza, me volvió loco con su guitarra.


Saturday, January 14, 2006

Nikita redá

Chequen el video nuevo.

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Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Google will invest $1 billion for a 5 percent stake in Time Warner's America Online unit as part of a partnership that expands their existing search engine deal to include collaboration on advertising, instant messaging and video.

Google also is offering a $300 million credit that AOL can use to buy keyword-based ads from Google, the companies announced Tuesday.

Google will become the only shareholder in AOL other than Time Warner. Google also will have "certain customary minority shareholder rights, including those associated with any future sale or public offering of AOL," the companies said in a statement.

Under the new global advertising partnership, AOL will be able to sell all types of ads, including search, banner and display, across Google's network, which includes Google's own Web sites and the publisher sites that display Google-powered ads, said Marissa Mayer, Google's vice president of search products and user experience. Google's home page and core search results page will stick with text-only ads, while graphical ads could appear on Google's video and image search sites, she said.

AOL will be able to use the $300 million credit to purchase search-related ads through Google's AdWords auction system or for other undetermined promotional purposes, Mayer said. The deal also calls for the creation of an "AOL Marketplace through white labeling of Google's advertising technology" that will enable AOL to directly sell search ads on AOL-owned properties, the companies said.

Also under the deal, Google will "make sure AOL Webmasters architect their content" so it gets maximum exposure to Google's Web crawlers, but will not exchange any proprietary information to do that. She addressed concerns that arose before the deal was announced, saying an agreement with AOL could bias Google's search results. "We provisioned into the deal that there will be no way to influence the core search algorithm," Mayer said.

The companies said they will collaborate on online video search and showcase AOL's premium video service within Google Video, as well as allow Google Talk and AIM instant messaging users to communicate with each other.


Wednesday, December 7, 2005


Este video es de la semana pasada en algún lugar de Buenos Aires, un amigo filma desde su auto... fíjense atentamente a la izquierda de la pantalla, un auto colorado casi se la pone, MAL!

(si tienen problemas para bajar me avisan)

Éste es el auto que ven:

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Thursday, December 1, 2005

Skype is Mainstream

Esto es del Wall Street Journal... Skype 2.0 está en beta, lo pueden probar acá.

With Its New Version, Skype Phone Service May Enter Mainstream
December 1, 2005

One of the cult hits of the Internet has been a service called Skype, based in Luxembourg, that allows its registered users to make free computer-to-computer phone calls to each other anywhere in the world. Millions of people world-wide use it, and the company was recently snapped up by eBay, the e-commerce giant.

Still, for all its success, Skype has been a niche product, little used by mainstream, non-techie consumers. Much less popular in the U.S. than in Europe, it has mainly appealed here to budget-conscious folks like students and recent immigrants, who often want to make lots of international phone calls.

There are two big reasons for Skype's niche status. First, many computers aren't equipped with microphones. Most modern laptops come with built-in mikes, but the vast majority of PCs are still desktops, which typically lack mikes. Second, even when computers have mikes, they make clumsy telephones when compared with real phones, which are specifically designed for voice communication.

In addition, free Skype calls can be made only to other Skype users. If you want to call nonmembers who use real phones, you have to sign up for a prepaid service called SkypeOut, although, at two cents a minute, the calls are cheap.

Now, however, Skype is putting those hurdles behind it. Today, the company plans to release a major new version of its phone-calling software, Skype 2.0, with added features -- including video calling -- and a cleaner interface. It is taking steps to make computer microphones cheap and easy to obtain. More importantly, it is moving its service off the computer to a new breed of Internet-based telephone handsets.


Sunday, September 18, 2005

skype vs. eBay?

Cuando me enteré que eBay compró Skype en $2.6 billones (4.3 si se cumplen ciertos criterios), me pregunté, junto a otras personas de la industria, ¿cuál será el match? Mientras que no es muy obvio, existe, como hace notar The Economist:

As Meg Whitman, eBay's boss, and Mr Zennstrom explain it, a combination of eBay and Skype is not all that far-fetched. From eBay's point of view, placing cute Skype buttons on the web pages where people trade used cars, houses and other items that usually require voice bargaining “reduces friction”, says Ms Whitman. Buyers can simply click on the button and talk to sellers. Another idea is to make money from “pay-per-call” advertising, where advertisers would place voice links (ie, Skype buttons) on certain pages just as they now place text links on, say, the search-results pages of Google. Whenever a web surfer clicks on one of these links and talks to a salesperson, the advertiser would pay eBay and Skype a fee. Google got rich by doing this in the text world; there is no reason why eBay might not be able to do it in the voice world.

From Skype's point of view, the deal strengthens its existing link with PayPal, eBay's online bank, which it uses to charge for services such as calls from computers to conventional telephones (called SkypeOut) or from conventional phones into Skype (called SkypeIn). This involves prepaid accounts, which Skype users can top up via PayPal with their credit cards.

For Skype, however, the main attraction may be that eBay, unlike the other potential suitors, plans to leave it largely alone, both as a brand and as a business. “When Yahoo! and Microsoft buy companies, they typically disintegrate them,” says Mr Zennstrom. His vision for Skype, by contrast, is to become the world's biggest and best platform for all communications—text, voice or video—from any internet-connected device, whether a computer or a mobile phone.

Me parece que no me gustaría tener dos millones de acciones de una telefónica en este momento. Cómo dice en ese mismo artículo, la cuestión ya no es "si va a pasar", sino "cuando" va a pasar que todas las llamadas se hagan gratis por internet.

Por suerte SI estoy en el negocio de la VoIP...

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Friday, September 9, 2005

iPod Nano

Esto si que es bueno, a diferencia de lo anterior. Tan bueno que hasta estoy pensando subirme al bandwagon y comprar Apple.

iPod Nano, 2GB y 4GB flash:Update: también viene en negro, definitivamente más lindo.

Update 2: miren este video de Steve Jobs presentando el producto. "Quiero" pasa a ser "necesito".

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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

haga patria, pégele a graña

Si vivís en un tupper te cuento que Graña censuró a TVR por una participación de Pontaquarto entonces PPT, la productora, se llevó ese y el programa de Petti a Canal 13.

Una campaña patrocinada por Freaky


Monday, August 22, 2005


N8W dice...

Illustrationmundo.com - A place where illustration gets all the LOVE


I noticed that there were many catch-all design portals .. and great ones at that ...
portals that have inspired me for many years ..
portals that provided information about design, photography, art, interative,
illustration, film, literature, etc .. but as I made the career transition from an art
director to an illustrator I wanted to find a site specifically dedicated to commercial
illustration with in depth information and a way to communicate easily with other
illustrators. I wanted to find a site that was all about illustration and nothing else ..
a site that I could think of as "THE ILLUSTRATION SITE", but there wasn't a site so I
decided to create a centralized location that would be purely dedicated to this purpose. A
site about Illustrators and the Commercial illustration industry.

Illustrationmundo.com was born with the following objectives in

Just Illustration - A place where ILLUSTRATION gets all the Love Of course I love
design, photography, music, video, small dogs dressed in elf's clothing .. etc .. but this
is not a catch-all portal .. the only focus is ILLUSTRATION .. of coure there is cross
over .. but you get the idea.

Showcase and expose all the great Illustrators in the world today It never ceases to
amaze me how much great work exists in the world today... I'd like to get some great
illustrators noticed.

Provide information about the commercial illustration industry There is so much
happening in the Commercial Illustration Industry today (contests, art collaboration, self
published books, innovative products, etc).. hopefully illustrationmundo.com can be a
destination that will help you keeps some of this stuff organized, make those dates, get
involved and see who's doing what.

Provide a central location where people can get inspired, share information and seek
advice .. it's all about learning and sharing.
Countless people have been amazingly generous with their time,information and advice.
Hopefully by providing a centralized location to share this information we'll all be able
continue inspiring and learning from one another.


Friday, August 19, 2005

Esto te pasa...

... si tomás ácido sin pudor durante años y años.

< Bajá el video >

Gracias a Flopy y Cualquiera.

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Friday, August 12, 2005

nikita video clip mezcladito

No voy a volver a decir lo que Germ ya dijo:

viernes, agosto 12, 2005

Video de "Ester", por Nikita Nipone

Subí el nuevo (y primer) video de Nikita Nipone, "Ester" a Open Source Movies (de archive.org).

Fue escrito, dirigido y editado por nuestro estimado amigo Simón "monito" Ingouville, cuenta con la participación estelar de los mismísimos Nikita Nipone, y está buenísimo.

Muchas veces pasa que los video clips independientes son muy delirados y pretensiosos y como están hechos con dos mangos, quedan medio pedorros. Este no es el caso: tiene una buena idea, es divertido sin caer en la boludez y la estética funciona bien.

>> Pueden bajarlo de acá en distintos formatos (les recomiendo ser pacientes y bajárselo en MPG1 que se ve mejor).

>> Nikita Nipone toca este domingo a las 23:30 junto a Estelares y Bicicletas en el Teatro Stella Maris. Martin y Omar 399, San Isidro.

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Friday, July 29, 2005


Se acuerdan de este palo?

Bueno, me pasaron el video. Impactante.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

repost: Chloé Sevigny en Brown Bunny

Este es un re-post (vuelto a postear) en beneficio de Re-pa.

¿La tienen a Chloé Sevigny?

Actuó en varias películas exitosas, salió a la luz en Kids y más masivamente en Boy´s Don´t Cry donde hacía de novia de Hilary Swank. También estuvo en American Psycho, Dogville y un montón de películas independientes más.

Es conocida por aceptar roles en películas que no paguen mucho pero con guiones que le son interesantes.

Con The Brown Bunny la pifió, la película fue llamada por Roger Ebert "la peor película jamás aceptada al festival de cine de Cannes".

El punto de este post es que esa película tiene como punto prominente de interés público una fellatio que le hace Chloé al director, escritor, productor y protagonista principal de la película, Vincent Gallo.

Si se están preguntando como será pueden bajar el video acá. Después me cuentan (no bajar en el laburo).

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Friday, July 1, 2005

mensaje para mis visitas

Miren lo que le pasó a una amiga [digámosle Mariela]:

a mi casa no entran mas, me escucharon?

Update 3.35Pm:



Anoche a las 12 de la noche tocaron el timbre TIMOTHY y EVA, sin previo aviso. Yo estaba en casa con BRUCE. No pudimos encontrar las llaves y tardamos unos 10 minutos en bajar (menos que más). Bajé sin las llaves, para abrirle a BRUCE por el garage, para que se vaya con ellos.
Cuando bajamos, TIMMY, que estaba riendose con EVA,había escrito con marcador indeleble, EN LA PUERTA DE ENTRADA DE VIDRIO DE MI EDIFICIO:

MARIELA PUTA. [nota del editor: Mariela escribe este post]


Cuando lo ví no lo pude creer.
El depto. está a nombre de mi vieja.
Es dónde vivo.
Es donde voy a vivír por mucho más tiempo.
Viven familias, con chicos.
Siempre tengo las puertas abiertas, ME PARTE EL CORAZÓN QUE ME HAYAN FALTADO EL RESPETO ASÍ.

Subí a mi depto sin saludarlos, anonadada.
Al rato se conecta la divina de EVA y ésta es la conversación que tuvimos:

paznikitalosteclados dice: dice TIMMY: mas te vale ir a limpiar tu vidrio
i n h e a v e n * dice: q u e ?
paznikitalosteclados dice: eso mismo
i n h e a v e n * dice: je ne entendiu
paznikitalosteclados dice: vidrio+marcador indeleble=gugui+alcohol
i n h e a v e n * dice: fuckno
i n h e a v e n * dice: FUCK NO HIJO DE PUTA
paznikitalosteclados dice: fuckyes we did it
i n h e a v e n * dice: MAS TE VALE QUE FFFUUUCCCKKK NOO
i n h e a v e n * dice: OK?
paznikitalosteclados dice: por jugar con nuestros sentimientos
paznikitalosteclados dice: igual si nadie sabe que te dicen gugi todo bien
paznikitalosteclados dice: fue Timmy
i n h e a v e n * dice: ASI ME DICE EL PORTERO
paznikitalosteclados dice: entonces alcohol y gasa
paznikitalosteclados dice: y encontrar la liave
i n h e a v e n * dice: yo
i n h e a v e n * dice: no
i n h e a v e n * dice: voy
i n h e a v e n * dice: a
i n h e a v e n * dice: bajar
i n h e a v e n * dice: a limpiar
i n h e a v e n * dice: nada
i n h e a v e n * dice: ahora.
i n h e a v e n * dice: y me re cago en uds si eso está ahí
i n h e a v e n * dice: .
paznikitalosteclados dice: es que tendrias que haber bajado antes
paznikitalosteclados dice: bueno, no està
paznikitalosteclados dice: nosotros solo queriamos sacarnos el peso deencima y decirtelo
paznikitalosteclados dice: pero querenos igual
paznikitalosteclados dice: igual es un re escrache
paznikitalosteclados dice: de verdad ahora, te conviene limpiarlo
paznikitalosteclados dice: y tambien lo del timbre
i n h e a v e n * dice: lo que hicieron, fue una MIERDA
i n h e a v e n * dice: Matense
paznikitalosteclados dice: jajajaja, no mames Mariela
paznikitalosteclados dice: no tinoooojeeeesssss
paznikitalosteclados dice: si queres voy camino con un algononcito empapado en alcohol, y te lo borro

Yo no mamo ni minojo, pero tuve que bajar, salir por el garage y limpiar todo eso con CIF a la una de la mañana. Y yo trabajo temprano, no como los tres señoritos que viven principalmente de lo que les da mami y papi.

Para hacer la historia corta:
A la del 5° le tocaron el timbre, entre las 12 y la 1.30. Cuando miró por el portero estaba "vandalizado" y cuando bajó vio eso en la puerta.
ring ring - administración.
ring ring - propietaria del octavoB.
ring ring - propietariadeloctavoB a Mariela.
y ahora todo muy mal.

Ayer encima había tenido una larga larga conversación con la propietariadeloctavoB y había quedado todo sobre la cuerda floja.
Ahora está todo estrellado contra el piso.

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Monday, June 27, 2005

Google @ $300

Shares of Google finished above $300 for the first time on Monday, while two separate Supreme Court decisions put pressure on some other technology shares.

Google jumped $6.85, or 2.3%, to $304.10 on the Nasdaq Stock Market, despite a slight hum of concern about the stock's valuation on Wall Street. On Monday, Google unveiled a video-viewing channel on its search-engine site, creating another media outlet that may open new money-making opportunities for a company already so profitable its stock has tripled to above $300 in 10 months. Several analysts have a price target of $350 on the stock.


Eve sex tape

La tienen a Eve, la negra rapera?

Bueno, Fleshbot reporta que sacó un sex tape, o al menos hay un video de ella con un consolador.


“Eve Sex Tape” (heavylite.heavy.com, thanks Chris; also spotted @ RetroSkank)
See also: “Eve Sex Tape” (discussion @ forum.gorillamask.net)


Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Suicide Girls en DVD!

Fleshbot reporta lo siguiente:

You’ll forgive us for ekeing out posts about the new Suicide Girls DVD as if it was a matter of national security or something, but since we saw fit to inform you of the first cover sighting we sort of have no choice but to let you know that there are now two trailers (a PG and an unrated version) now available for your perusal. After all, the girls travelled over 9,000 miles to bring you the video; the least we can do is reward them for all their hard work—not to mention give you something to look forward to until the DVD itself is released at the end of August. (Yes, you can probably expect another post about it then too.)

“SuicideGirls: The First Tour” (.mpg trailers @ suicidegirls.com)

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Monday, June 6, 2005

Jessica Alba @ MTV Awards

Parece que Jessica Alba, bomboncito si los hay, decidió usar un sugestivo vestido transparente para la ceremonia de entrega de los premios MTV Video Awards.

Solo puedo decir "Gracias, Jessica".


Más fotos:

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Tuesday, May 3, 2005

T-Shirt Hell: arrugó

T-Shirt Hell tuvo una llamada de conciencia y bajó de su sitio las remeras más hardcore. Estaban en la sección "Worse than hell", y eran re-heavy, re-jodidas en serio.

Esta es su explicación:
My name is Aaron Schwarz and I own T-Shirt Hell. Because of that, I can do
whatever the fuck I want. I woke up one morning and decided I didn't want
to have a, "Worse Than Hell" section, so I took it down.

We always said there was no line we wouldn't cross, but even then there
really was still a line. There were always subjects we wouldn't touch. So
now we've moved the line. Sometimes people grow, and change, and gain
perspective. There are some shirts we just don't feel comfortable making
and we're not going to make them any more. Those are the shirts we took

For the record, there were no outside influences. There was no lawsuit. I
wasn't visited in the middle of the night by The Nation of Islam, and my
girlfriend did not give birth to a gay, black, autistic baby.

There was no desire to go "mainstream" to pick up endorsements or
advertising. There will not be a T-Shirt Hell ride at Disneyworld, and we
are not going to sponsor Ashley Simpson's next tour. Her next anal gangbang
video maybe, but not her tour.

There are still plenty of juicy targets out there. Not to mention a whole
world of sex and drugs and rock and roll. Your mom will still probably
refuse to put your T-Shirt Hell shirt in with the rest of the laundry,
afraid it will corrupt the socks.

We only cater to our own tastes and that's worked for us in the past. If
you still enjoy what we do, keep shopping. If you don't, I guess you'll go
somewhere else.

I don't see this as a radical change for T-Shirt Hell. Most subjects are
still fair game. I hope you'll stick around. And if you don't, I want to
thank you for your past support and I hate to see you go. (Editor's Note:
If you don't understand it when someone puts it politely, try this: Go fuck
yourself you sad little douchebag. Gargle with Drano, jump off an overpass
with the bungee cord around your neck, and use your last breathe to lick my
beautiful, black ass.) I think the best is yet to come.

We will return to our regularly scheduled thing next week. Until then you
can use the following to go to hell.



Thursday, April 14, 2005


Googledance | News.blog | CNET News.com: "First there was Sundance. Then there was Google for independent films.

Or at least that's the plan over at the search mogul. Late Wednesday, Google began inviting people to submit their digital videos to its new database of searchable television and broadcast content. Its free to submit the videos, but Google has a review process before they're accepted, searchable and playable from Google Video, the company's newest experimental service. Google did not specify when the independent videos would be available.

But there's an emerging business model for the service. Google will let video producers charge visitors to play back their videos if they so choose. 'Google will take a small revenue share to cover some of our costs,' according to its Web site.

Rival Yahoo is also soliciting videos from the Web community at large. And sites like AtomFilms and iFilm may want to brace themselves."

Crédito a News.com

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Tuesday, March 8, 2005

Keyra Video Online!

Por fin se publicó el video que todos esperaban: Keyra Video Online! : Fleshbot

Si no saben quien es, se trata de ese culo misterioso que de repente apareció en TODA Internet de un día para el otro.

Si todavía no se acuerdan:

Acá tienen los links:

“Keyra: The Video” - available @ Bad Girls Blog, Rapidshare.de, and The Advice Asshole

Tiene todas las fotos y el video también acá.

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Monday, February 21, 2005

hackearon la agenda de Paris

Internet trata mal a Paris Hilton...

Como si no fuera poco tener un video de hora y medio online, ahora a Paris Hilton le hackearon el Sidekick.

Eso incluye fotos de ella con sus amiguitas, sus notas personales y agendacompleta. Revisen sus contactos, está el teléfono y/o email de Eminem, Lindsay Lohan, Christina Aguilera, Andy Roddick, Ashlee Simpson, Victoria Gotti, Vin Diesel y Anna Kournikova, entre otros.

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Friday, January 28, 2005

Armand van Helden

Miren el video de My My My por Armand van Helden.


Monday, January 10, 2005

polémico desnudo de Sofía Gala

Parece que Sofía Gala actúa en Mugre, de Fernando Peña, versión Mar del Plata. Como recién cumple 18 el 24 de enero, se armó un tremendo lío. Por lo que vale, Mugre es impresionante y un desnudo va con el tono de la obra.

¿Quieren ver el video? ¡Lo pueden bajar acá! [captura de Crónica TV, vía FFA]

Nota en InfoBAE:

Moría Casán:
"Yo me cubro, yo estoy asesorada por abogados", sostuvo la vedette después de la discusión suscitada con su hija. Recordó que ella se inició haciendo un desnudo

El desnudo de Sofía Gala se convirtió en un tema de debate durante todo el fin de semana, donde una ex jueza advirtió que Moria Casán podría llegar a perder la patria potestad por autorizarla a subir a un escenario desnuda, siendo una adolescente de 17 años.

Lejos de amedrentarse, la ex vedette aseguró en Radio 10 que su hija tiene su aprobación. “No la estoy incitando. Yo estoy protegida legalmente, yo me cubro, yo estoy asesorada por abogados” aseguró Casán.

Sobre las críticas que llueven de diversos sectores, la actriz respondió que “me entra por un oído y me sale por otro, no registro ese tipo de cosas”.

Moria defendió a su hija por las escenas en la que aparece con los pechos al aire y con una gran vagina roja de plástico que recubre la parte baja del cuerpo. “Las lolas es lo de menos, es como salir vestida con un miriñaque. Le embola que la molesten en su laburo. En vez de mimarla, siente como personal que la agredan”.

“Ella está perfecta. Si ves la obra te vas a dar cuenta, no es un desnudo como si trabajara en teatro de revistas, tampoco. Yo me inicié haciendo un desnudo y no tenía mucho que ver. Me pusieron una bikini porque sí. Y tenía 20 años” recordó Casán.

Sofía Gala cumplirá 18 años el próximo 24 de enero, y esto también fue utilizado como un argumento que sepultará la polémica, según la actriz. "Es una conversación fósil" dijo Casán, por considerar una banalidad la discusión sobre el desnudo, aunque admitió: "Me rompe un poco".

Finalmente, disparó contra aquellos que la criticaron por permitirle a su hija actuar en una obra del polémico Fernando Peña. “Le doy mi hija porque creo que es un gran director y un gran provocador. La elección la hace Sofía" dijo en Radio 10.

“Que las madres se ocupen de sus hijos, que no se preocupen” concluyó Moria. Y defendió su rol en la crianza de Sofía Gala, al sostener: “He tratado de criarla con todo amor y protección, y hay que ayudarla y protegerla, no castigarla porque muestra las tetitas. Es su primer paso teatral y con un desnudo. Absolutamente tiene derecho a actuar, ella no va a dar notas pero está muy feliz por lo que eligió, es importante incentivarla en su manifestación artística... No hay nada mejor que criar a alguien en libertad, los 'noes' meten miedo y paralizan. Sé cómo la he criado y si le preguntan ella es feliz. No tiene las frustraciones y complejos que tienen muchas chicas adolescentes”.

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Friday, December 17, 2004

Yahoo! Video Search

Yahoo! Video Search: "Search for videos across the web."

Esto tiene todo tipo de usos, fíjense.


Chloé Sevigny en The Brown Bunny

¿La tienen a Chloé Sevigny?

Actuó en varias películas exitosas, salió a la luz en Kids y más masivamente en Boy´s Don´t Cry donde hacía de novia de Hilary Swank. También estuvo en American Psycho, Dogville y un montón de películas independientes más.

Es conocida por aceptar roles en películas que no paguen mucho pero con guiones que le son interesantes.

Con The Brown Bunny la pifió, la película fue llamada por Roger Ebert "la peor película jamás aceptada al festival de cine de Cannes".

El punto de este post es que esa película tiene como punto prominente de interés público una fellatio que le hace Chloé al director, escritor, productor y protagonista principal de la película, Vincent Gallo.

Si se están preguntando como será pueden bajar el video acá. Después me cuentan (no bajar en el laburo).

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Monday, December 6, 2004

Laura Vina, Royal Stripper

Saturday, December 4, 2004

December 2004

News this month

Looking for suspects

Buenos Aires was briefly the centre of international attention in November after a series of bomb blasts at three banks, including two branches of Citibank. The attacks killed a security guard, injured a police officer (during the controlled detonation of a bomb), and caused minor structural damage to the banks. The bombs were unsophisticated, rigged with gunpowder of the sort that is available in fireworks. They were similar to one used in an attack on demonstrators last December, and one left in a bank in the Belgrano district in August. No one has claimed responsibility for the attacks.

Closed-circuit television cameras captured the offenders on tape, but poor image quality and covered faces make identification unlikely. The government has suggested that the attacks may be the vengeful work of those who have been purged from the police or armed forces, in order to provoke a sense of insecurity.

Sex appeal

In December the city legislature will debate a controversial bill to make sex education compulsory in city schools. The bill, proposed by deputies from the left and right, puts the city in charge of the curriculum, although it lays out certain compulsory subjects. In response to intense pressure from Catholic groups, masturbation is no longer included, but “eroticism” is, to the clear annoyance of Aníbal Ibarra, the city's mayor. The curriculum would affect students who are at least 11 years old.

The bill's advocates have met with religious authorities to try to reach a compromise. But it seems little will change the mind of the city's cardinal, Jorge Bergoglio, who has described the bill as “more fascist than could have been achieved by Goebbels”. Church authorities argue that parents should have the final say. But the bill's authors point out that many parents are unable to educate their children adequately on the subject. They were backed by the national health minister, Ginés González García, who said that more education was necessary to reduce the number of illegal abortions in the country, which he estimated at around half a million a year.

Also in the
Buenos Aires guide

Kill an hour

In keeping with its literary tradition (Jorge Luis Borges and Julio Cortázar were both natives), Buenos Aires is one of the best places on the continent to buy books...

Read more

Damned either way

An October fire killed three teenagers held in a police station in the suburb of Quilmes. Responding to the tragedy, the courts have ruled that juvenile offenders can no longer be held in police stations; the province's governor promised to comply. But the conditions in the juvenile-detention centres are scarcely better, as they are crowded well beyond capacity. In the last 12 years, the number of children arrested in the province has tripled, to over 15,000. And for every child arrested, another eight are put into children's homes because of they are suffering from poverty or abuse.

One provincial judge declared that children face a worse fate when they are not incarcerated, arguing that they then run the risk of being shot by the police. This case gained credibility in November, when a judge found two members of the provincial police force, La Bonaerense, guilty of executing a teenager. The judge then ordered an inquiry into the possible existence of police death squads in the suburbs around the capital.

A brutal problem worsens

Violence against women is on the rise in Buenos Aires, according to the general prosecutor's office. In the first half of the year there were 513 sexually motivated attacks, compared with 872 in all of 2003 and 793 the previous year. Women's groups have denounced the trend.

But disturbing figures are only part of the problem. The capital's Women's Office, for instance, received almost 11,000 calls from women who were victims of violence in the first nine months of 2004. According to some estimates, only one in ten women inform the police of sexual attacks and only a tenth of such reports result in conviction. The Women's Office has speculated that as many as 60% of women suffer from domestic violence. In response, the city council has announced that it will provide free legal assistance to women who are attacked, and launch a publicity campaign urging them to report any incident.

Hiding in plain sight

A recent visit from Prince Harry, a member of the British royal family, lured some of the more feverish members of the British press. Ironically, the prince reportedly came to lay low after a series of bust-ups with the press over lurid stories about his drunken behaviour, which culminated in a fight with a photographer. During his fortnight in late November on an English-owned ranch in Buenos Aires province, there were plenty of articles about the prince's debauched escapes to a nearby town. Local authorities fretted over his safety after other reports claimed that local criminals were plotting to kidnap him. The prince's security was duly bumped up.

Catch if you can
December 2004

Until February 27th 2005

This exhibition comprises 400 works—sculptures, drawings, collages and video installations—from one of Argentina's most talented multimedia artists. The show testifies not just to the breadth but also to the complexity of Mr Ferrari's work. With sensuality, humour and violence, he often examines the nature of power and challenges mainstream cultural values.

A retrospective of Mr Ferrari's groundbreaking works from the 1960s is scheduled to run until December 15th. Local Catholic fundamentalists are trying to cancel it as it contains a series of controversial works dealing with church discrimination. From December 16th, the show will be replaced with a less contentious display of some later works.

Centro Cultural Recoleta, Junín 1930, Recoleta. Tel: +54 11-4803-1040. Open: Tues-Fri, 2pm-9pm; Sat, Sun and holidays, 10am-9pm. For more information, visit the museum's website.

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Friday, October 15, 2004

krugman vs o´reilly

Esto es buenísimo, Paul Krugman, liberal del NYTimes, vs. Jim O´Reilly, conservador, del Fox News Channel, debatiendo.

En un momento se pone agresivo Jimbo... debe estar estresado por la acusación de acoso sexual por US$ 60 millones que tiene pendiente.


Wednesday, September 29, 2004

se fueee

Paris Hilton definitivamente está más allá del bien y el mal.

Después del video que se difundió sacarse estás fotos es cosa menor:


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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

videos on-demand

Es lo único que tiene sentido, al menos eso me parece.

El concepto es simple: conectás tu tele a una apartito, ese apartito a tu banda ancha, y listo, tenés disponibles todas las películas cuando las quieras, según las quieras, etc.

Pero hay más problemas de lo que parece, desde barreras tecnológicas hasta legales y de negocios. Todos se quieren meter, nadie quiere ceder el derecho a los bienes raíces de tu TV, ni de sus películas, etc, etc.

En fin, un bardo.

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Wednesday, September 8, 2004


Esto si que es interesante: TiVo + NetFlix = video on demand.

TiVo & Netflix: Together forever


Monday, August 30, 2004

ay ay ay

Bajen este video. Jessica Cirio en No hay 2 sin 3.

De nada.


Thursday, July 1, 2004


Que perdedor este chabón, miren este video y caguense de risa: flya5.wmv

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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

¿Qué más puedo decir?

Se cumplen 10 años de la última vez que Diego se puso la camiseta de la selección por última vez, y 18 de esto:

"...Balón para Diego, ahí la tiene Maradona, lo marcan dos, pisa la pelota. Maradona (...) arranca por la derecha el genio del fútbol mundial. Inicia el contraataque e intenta contactar con Burruchaga... Siempre Maradona. ¡Genio, genio, genio! Ta, ta, ta, ta, ta ... ¡Gooooooool y gooooooool! ¡Qué golazo! ¡Dios santo, viva el fútbol, golaaaazo! ¡Diegoooool Maradona! Estoy llorando, perdónenme, Maradona en un recorrido memorable, en la jugada de todos los tiempos, barrilete cósmico, ¿de qué planeta viniste para dejar en el camino a tanto inglés?, para que el país sea un puño apretado gritando por Argentina? Argentina 2 - Inglaterra 0. ¡Diegol, Diegol!, Diego Armando Maradona, gracias, Dios, por el fútbol, por Maradona, por estas lágrimas, por este Argentina 2 - Inglaterra 0."

Víctor Hugo Morales, el 22 de junio de 1986 en Monterrey, México, campeonato del mundo

>Esuchá el relato del gol
>Entrevista a Víctor Hugo (incluye video del gol)

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