Tuesday, November 30, 2004

100 things before you die

Turn yourself into a diamond: tips from science on a good life, and death

Martin Wainwright
Monday November 29, 2004
The Guardian

A thinktank of British scientists has come up with a new way of quickening the national intellect - a brain-taxing spin on the old formula of 100 things to do before you die.

The group, which includes the evolutionary biologist, Richard Dawkins, astronomer Sir Patrick Moore, neuroscientist Susan Greenfield and the inventor James Dyson, urges us all to take samples of our own DNA, measure the speed of light with chocolate, and solve the mathematical mystery of the number 137.

The list, compiled by New Scientist magazine, suggests booking to see Galileo's middle finger (preserved in Florence) or ordering liquid nitrogen to make the "world's smoothest ice-cream" at home.

More complicated options include joining the 300 Club at the South Pole (they take a sauna to 200 degrees Fahrenheit, then run naked to the pole in minus 100 F) or learning Choctaw, a language with two past tenses - one for giving information which is definitely true, the other for passing on material taken without checking from someone else.

The appeal to scientists of such native American precision runs through the whole collection, but the compilation's editors, Valerie Jamieson and Liz Else, also want participants to have fun.

"You've only got one life, so make the most of it," they say. "Swim in a bioluminescent lake, boil an egg with a mobile phone, or have a new species named after you." With a little practice - carefully explained - you may also be able to achieve multiple orgasm, or, for £35,000, clone your pet cat.

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The scientists also offer five things to get organised for your remains after death. These include leaving your body for use in car crash research, which has saved an estimated 8,500 casualties since 1987, or having the carbon in your ashes turned into a diamond.

The list is "the best science has to offer in the way of new experiences," say Ms Jamieson and Ms Else, who have tried to include a number of easy options. Lives may be transformed by watching the night sky or simply going out at night and adjusting to the low levels of light - two of the 100 - or assisting at the birth of an animal. "This is one of life's most surprising and moving experiences and pretty accessible," says the booklet. "Farmers are often only too happy to have help, and if you want something more exotic, ask a zookeeper if you can be involved in the birth of a camel, zebra or giraffe."

Like all scientific experiments, the list comes with a clutch of warnings about taking care, especially when making the nitrogen ice cream (wear goggles and gloves) or touching a tiger. The mathematician Ian Stewart who suggests the latter after two "awesome" goes at it himself, adds: "Do not attempt it without professional assistance."

There is also, inevitably, some crossover with the more banal lists of things to do before you die, even if the scientists' equivalent of visiting Everest is much more interesting. The Earth's rotation causes a 20-kilometre bulge at the equator, making Chimborazo volcano in Ecuador the highest mountain above sea level. If you want to win the lottery meanwhile, enter a proof for one of seven conjectures which so frustrate mathematicians that there is a million US dollar prize for cracking any of them.

The mystery of the number 137 requires prolonged "brain gym", according to its proposer Paul Davies, theoretical physicist and author of Einstein's Unfinished Revolution. There must - probably - be a reason why the number describes the strength of electromagnetism through calculations involving the charge of the electron, Planck's constant - the fundamental constant of nature arising in quantum mechanical problems - and the speed of light. But no one has yet discovered what it is.

Before you die: 100 things you simply must do

Personal choices

Nobel prizewinner John Sulston, who led Britain's publicly funded effort to unravel the human genome

"Visit Shark Bay in Western Australia to see fossil mounds of algae which were among the earliest living things on Earth. Seeing them, I can marvel at how human thought transcends the here and now.They act as a ruler of time stretching back into the past"

James Dyson, the inventor of the bagless vacuum cleaner and the two-drum washing machine

"I'd like to see our society focusing less on how things look and more on how they work. Children should be taught to consider engineering and science as cool - not the preserve of boffins"

Patrick Moore, the unofficial national astronomer

His entry, the shortest in the book, suggests "scouring the night sky for comets, with the chance of following Halley or Donati. It would be great to see Moore's comet blazing across the sky"

Pick of the list

Extract your own DNA by spitting gargled salt water into diluted washing-up liquid and slowly dribbling ice-cold gin down the side of the glass. Spindly white clumps which form in the mixture are, basically, you

Link your home computer to the Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico (via setiathome.ssl.berkeley.edu) and you could be the first person to spot messages from aliens for which the telescope constantly checks. If your computer gets the first, the Americans promise to give you the credit

Measure the speed of light by melting chocolate in microwave oven hotspots and measuring the distance between globs. Various calculations produce the answer and you can still eat the chocolate afterwards

Be a gecko. Researchers in Manchester have almost succeeded in developing Velcro-like pads to fix to the feet of volunteers who will then be able to scuttle over the town hall or the Guardian's northern headquarters like lizards, with no risk of falling

Write your name in atoms at IBM's Almaden research laboratory in San Jose, California - and, while you're saving up to go, simply see an atom by befriending a physicist at one of Britain's many university labs with the equipment to trap and cool atoms. Barium is best.

Use your excreta to enter the amazing world of the dung beetle. Much more basic but just as fascinating for some. If you are ever caught short in the open, says New Scientist, turn the accident into an opportunity by lingering nearby and watching what happens. "It won't take long for the beetles to appear, scuttle boldly up to your deposit and begin rolling balls of it away, head-butting it and pushing it with their forelegs." Reassuringly, it gets used as food and a beetle breeding nest

Inhale helium and start singing. Old hat but a must for anyone who's never done it. But don't take too much and never use a pressurised source. If you do, in New Scientist's words, "you probably won't be singing anything. Ever"

When you've gone

Help nail a murderer. You can register ahead with Tennessee's body farm. Donated corpses are left out in the open to decompose before trainee forensic scientists get to work on them. An estimated 100 murderers have been convicted as a result

Become a diamond. LifeGem of Chicago, Illinois, the book reveals, will take a few grains of your cremated remains, subject them to high pressure and temperature, and you will emerge from the process, 18 weeks later, as a sparkling one-carat diamond



Make LOVE not SPAM

Make LOVE not SPAM

El portal de Internet Lycos lanzará mañana una campaña en la que regalará un salvapantallas con el que se generan, automáticamente, visitas a las direcciones de Internet identificadas como generadores de "spam" o correos basura. Según informó Lycos en un comunicado, la campaña, titulada "Make love not Spam" ("Haz el amor, no el spam"), tiene como objetivo crear un "frente común" contra los correos basura de cara a las fiestas. El protector de pantallas estará disponible para Windows y para Mac, y se puede descargar gratuitamente en varios idiomas, incluido el español.

Su funcionamiento es sencillo. Una vez activado, envía una solicitud HTTP (como las que realiza cualquier navegador para ver una página), a un sitio que es fuente de spam (la página no se muestra, solo se envía el pedido). Cuando muchos programas envían sus pedidos al mismo tiempo, el servidor del sitio culpable de spam se sobrecarga haciéndose más lento. Con este mecanismo, subraya la empresa, se persigue que los anunciantes dejen de considerar el spam como instrumento "atractivo" de marketing. Además, cuando el salvapantallas está activo, ofrece información actualizada en un mapa del mundo sobre los servidores de 'spammers' que están siendo "atacados" y cuánto tráfico ha generado la computadora del usuario.

La campaña 'Make love not spam' sólo se dirige contra páginas registradas en la lista publicada por Spamcop, una prestigiosa entidad internacional especialista en "anti-spam2". Lycos hace una comprobación manual de las páginas registradas en la lista y, además, ofrece a los usuarios la posibilidad de denunciar a nuevos "spammers"'. Saturar un servidor con tal cantidad de pedidos, realizados simultáneamente desde varias computadoras, de tal modo que aquel deje de responder, es un proceso conocido como ataque distribuido de denegación de servicio (DDoS), y es ilegal. Existen conocidos gusanos que han aplicado esta técnica para atacar sitios específicos.

Lycos cree que la acción del programa golpeará a los remitentes de spam donde más les duele, su propio bolsillo. Según Lycos, esta herramienta podría generar 3,4 megabytes de tráfico por equipo diariamente. Si se descargan y utilizan diez mil programas, el tráfico soportado por el sitio aumentaría a 33 terabytes. Cifras aportadas por el portal Itfacts.biz confirman que se gastaron 41 billones de dólares en protección contra el spam y que el 77% de los usuarios de Internet consultados están frustrados por tanto "correo basura".


i do nothing but exist

i do nothing but exist: "i have a doing nothing all day headache and it is fucking fantastic i love having these headaches because that means i got to do nothing all day and it's the greatest thing so great in fact that even I am jealous of me and i am not even worried about being a big lazy because i have a gameplan that allows me to be lazy and wander around with messy hair and worry about all the things i need/don't need to be worrying about...

well this headache is from sitting in the same spot for hours and not eating and having fone conversations and thinking a lot

more to come.


Thursday, November 25, 2004

15 cosas

> 1. El nombre completo del pato Donald es Donald Fauntleroy Duck.
> 2. En 1997 las lineas aereas americanas ahorraron 40.000 dolares
quitando > una aceituna de cada ensalada.
> 3. Una jirafa puede limpiar sus orejas con la lengua.
> 4. Millones de rboles son plantados por accidente por las
ardillas, al enterrar las semillas y no acordarse donde.
> 5. Comer una manzana es ms eficiente que un caf para mantenerse
> despierto.
> 6. Las hormigas se desperezan por la maana cuando despiertan.
> 7. Las escobas de dientes azules son mas usadas que las rojas.
> 8. El cerdo es, junto con el hombre, el animal que se quema al
> 9. Nadie es capaz de lamer su propio codo con la lengua, es
> 10. Sólo un alimento no se deteriora, la miel.
> 11. Los delfines duermen con un ojo abierto.
> 12. El ojo del avestruz es mas grande que su cerebro.
> 13. El "quak" de un pato no produce eco y nadie sabe por qu.
> 14. Es imposible estornudar con los ojos abiertos.
> Y la última....
> 15. Aproximadamente el 99% de las personas que leen este e-mail
intentó lamerse el codo con la lengua. A que tú estas entre esos 99%?

windows hardware


Wednesday, November 24, 2004

bitch ass

i do nothing but exist: "
Here is a good story of me drunk last night when I realized that I don't get along with people that don't drink.

My friend was in town and was going to crash
on my couch. I was also buying a computer from him. So I pick him up
and get the computer and then he says he is hungry. I am like ok lets
go grab a bite to eat. We go to the (very nice) _wine_ bar in my
neighborhood so I can get a drink, plus I know my girl is going to be
there. So we are all hanging out and I buy him a glass of wine
because I know he is poor even though he wont admit it. He looks at
me like what are you doing. I said just drink this damn. So it took
him all night to drink this one glass of wine and for some reason it
turned his lips and his teeth black. Meanwhile my girl and I are
getting pretty drunk off wine and I order a big ass platter of meat
and bread and cheese because I know he is hungry. But then this
jackass refuses to touch any of it and says he is going to get
something to eat later. I couldnt believe it because i ordered a shit
load of food since he was whining about being hungry earlier. So I
scarf down the whole platter pretty much all by myself, with a little
help from my girl. then I get even drunker and he is swishing the
little amount of wine around in the bottom of his glass. I start to
dance with my girl and then the place is closing and he is on his cell
phone having an important convo with who knows who. Probably himself.
I go to leave and he is like 'oh man what the fuck you cant drive'.
That made me pretty pissed but I thought, oh well I cant really argue
with him about this I will just let him drive. As soon as we get in
the car he is bitching again about how hungry he is!! WHAT? I couldnt
believe my ears. I said fine there is a mcdonalds on the corner the
drive thru is open lets go. I dont eat fast food, he says. I dont
care if you eat it or not, i say. If you arent going to eat it then
drive to my house. Its 12 oclock and I have to work. something that
he is not familiar with because he sits in a hole by himself all day
making dance records that nobody will ever hear. So now he wants to
drive around brooklyn looking for a place to get a hero at 12 oclock
on sunday. At this point I have had enough of his bitch ass and I
tell him to get moving towards my apt and I dont care how f'ing hungry
he is, and so on.... the little bitch tries to yell at me saying I
shouldnt drink and that I am an angry drunk. I only got angry after
he acted like a complete jackass the whole night. I am still pissed
off about this today. He better be out of my apt by the time I get

What do you think about that story?


Monday, November 22, 2004

bosta seguro te dejás culear

El domingo cueste lo que cueste, tenemos que ¿ganar?

El Apertura entró en la recta final. El domingo, Boca recibe a Newell´s, el líder. Si gana le servirá el campeonato a River. Comienza la semana de las sospechas

“Ponga huevo Boca ponga huevo, ponga huevo huevo sin cesar, esta noche cueste lo que cueste, esta noche tenemos que empatar”.

Con ese cántico, los hinchas de Boca recibieron al equipo una a calurosa noche de 1991, en un partido frente a Oriente Petrolero de Bolivia, válido por la Copa Libertadores de América.

El final distorsionado de la letra habitual, tenía que ver con que ese resultado dejaba afuera a River. El 0 a 0 fue más grande que la “Bombonera” y desde ese día quedó instalada una sensación: Cuando conviene, los hinchas mandan, y los jugadores obedecen.

Este domingo, Boca recibe a Newell´s Old Boys de Rosario el puntero del Apertura, que si llega a dejar algún punto, allanará el camino de su entonado escolta, RIVER.

¿Qué pensarán los hinchas de Boca?. ¿Le pedirán a sus jugadores que justo en este encuentro corten la racha nefasta de 524 minutos sin hacer un gol?.

El campeonato de las suspicacias acaba de empezar. Al mito de los partidos arreglados, le dieron vida los mismos jugadores (algunos retirados), quienes con una sonrisa pícara, muchas veces han reconocido algunas situaciones.

Ahora le tocará a los de Boca estar en el ojo de la tormenta. A Abbondanzieri, que salió de Central, a Guillermo, fanático de Gimnasia.

Para la próxima serán cuestionados los de Gimnasia, que enfrentarán a Newell´s, o los de Central, que enfrentarán a River.

En fin, los jugadores son la más puro que tiene el fútbol. Y este fin de semana es una gran chance para ratificarlo.

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definición de "estar hecho"

Google's Backers,
Executives Cash In

November 22, 2004; Page C4

Shares of Web-search titan Google Inc. have nearly doubled since its August initial public offering of stock. And now Google's biggest backers are seriously cashing in.

Venture-capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, which invested less than $15 million in Google in 1999, this past Tuesday handed out 5.4 million Google shares -- valued at $932 million at Tuesday's close -- to investors in one of its funds, according to people familiar with the matter.

Then, on Friday, Google's co-founders and chief executive disclosed plans to sell a total of 16.6 million shares, valued at $2.8 billion, over the next 18 months. On Thursday, two vice presidents reported selling a combined 55,000 shares, for roughly $9.5 million.

Ironically, both the venture firm and the Google executives now are benefiting from the wave of negative publicity that forced Google to scale back its IPO in August. In the days leading up to the offering, Kleiner abandoned plans to sell shares in the IPO. Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, as well as CEO Eric Schmidt, all reduced the number of shares they planned to sell.

Now, those shares are valued at nearly twice the $85 for which Google sold shares during the IPO. In 4 p.m. Nasdaq Stock Market composite trading Friday, Google shares rose $1.86, or 1.1%, to $169.40.

Kleiner distributed shares to roughly 200 investors on Tuesday, the day that IPO-related restrictions expired on some of its Google holdings. Kleiner passed the shares along to approximately 20 institutions and scores of wealthy individuals who invested in its Fund IX-A, the people familiar with the matter said; those investors were then free to sell their Google shares.

Kleiner disclosed changes to its Google holdings in a Friday filing with U.S. federal regulators, which showed that the Menlo Park, Calif., venture firm had distributed at least 5.8 million of the 21 million Google shares it owned from the IPO, some of it to investors in its other funds. Spokesmen for Kleiner and Google, Mountain View, Calif., declined to comment.

In all, post-IPO sales restrictions, or "lock-ups," were lifted Tuesday on 39 million Google shares held by insiders and pre-IPO investors. That more than doubled the shares available for trading in the stock market. Over the next three months, lock-ups on an additional 227 million Google shares will expire, freeing those for sale. The additional supply, and selling by Google insiders, could pressure the share price.

Under the stock-trading plans disclosed Friday, Messrs. Brin and Page each plans to sell 7.2 million shares, or roughly 19% of their holdings. Mr. Schmidt plans to sell about 2.2 million shares, about 15% of his holdings.

Write to Ann Grimes at ann.grimes@wsj.com and Kevin J. Delaney at kevin.delaney@wsj.com


Se armó un tremendo quilombo en el partido del viernes entre los Pacers y los Pistons.

En fiel tradición norteamericana, ya hay un sitio con toda la data.


NBA All-Star Balloting 2005

Se lanzó el Juego de las estrellas de la NBA- 2005.

Tenés la obligación moral y patria de entrar y votar por Manu.

Posta. No es joda. Si pensás que es joda, no entendés nada.

Ya deberías estar votando.




Friday, November 19, 2004

Anthony a tough test for Nocioni

LAKEWOOD, Calif. -- Andres Nocioni sported a small gash over his right eye at practice Thursday, courtesy of an Eddy Curry elbow.

If Nocioni looks like a boxer, the appearance is fitting because he will have a fight on his hands Friday night guarding Nuggets forward Carmelo Anthony.

House - Tribune Store
"Denver plays a lot of one-on-one, so he has to be ready," coach Scott Skiles said. "And he will be. I thought 'Noce' played well against Golden State."

Watch Nocioni when he comes out for the opening tip. While other players hug and glad-hand, he barely acknowledges his opponents. This is for two reasons.

"I think I only know Manu [Ginobili], Carlos Delfino, Carlos Arroyo, Raul Lopez, Pau [Gasol] and Eduardo Najera," Nocioni said.

And the other?

"I don't like it," Nocioni said, referring to the fraternization.

[Nota del Ed.: Me hizo reir, el Chapu es un capo. Me parece que voy a buscar su camiseta para agregarla a mi colección. Para aquellos fuera del loop: usa la 5 de los Chicago Bulls.]


Wednesday, November 17, 2004

R. Kelly

Oops, lo hizo de nuevo. hay otro sextape de R. Kelly. (via the Modern Humorist)


Marcos Weskamp, diseñador rosarino formado en Japón e Italia, desarrolló una aplicación muy interesante: Newsmap, que mapea las instancias de una noticia en el agredador Google News.

Es primo segundo de quien les escribe, pero eso es anecdótico, chequen los sites que están bien buenos.

R.I.P., Ol´ Dirty Bastard

O.D.B. Dead at 35
Wu-Tang member collapses in a New York studio

Rapper Ol' Dirty Bastard (born Russell Jones) died at a New York recording studio on Saturday, two days short of his thirty-sixth birthday. Jones had complained of chest pains before collapsing in the studio, and an autopsy will be conducted to determine the cause of death.

One of the stars of the nine-member Wu-Tang Clan, Jones became as known for his misadventures with the law and perpetual name changes as his musical pursuits in recent years -- he was alternately known as Big Baby Jesus, Dirt McGirt, Osirus and Joe Banannas.

"Russell inspired all of us with his spirit, wit, and tremendous heart," read a statement from his Roc-A-Fella Records label. "The world has lost a great talent, but we mourn the loss of our friend."

A statement on Wu-Tang Clan's official Web site read simply, "R.I.P. Ol' Dirty Bastard. We will miss you, but never forget you." Word of Jones' death traveled quickly and Sunday at the American Music Awards in Los Angeles, Big Boi of OutKast gave tribute to the rapper from the stage, saying, "Rest in peace, Ol' Dirty Bastard. We love you."

After completing a two-year prison sentence for a drug-possession charge last year, Jones signed to Roc-A-Fella and had been working on fourth solo album, with sessions including a collaboration with Macy Gray. He previous releases were 1995's Return to the 36 Chambers, produced by his Wu-Tang mate RZA; 1999's critically lauded Nigga Please, featuring the offbeat hit "Got Your Money," a duet with Kelis; and 2002's aptly titled The Trials and Tribulations of Russell Jones, cobbled together in between jail and rehab stints.

Always the wild card in the Wu-Tang mix, Jones' record of increasingly erratic behavior began with an unscripted appearance at the Grammy's in 1998, where the disappointed rapper ran up to the podium during a live broadcast of Shawn Colvin's acceptance speech to complain that Wu-Tang didn't win the rap Grammy and that he'd bought his expensive new suit for nothing.

That interruption soon seemed quaint in comparison with what followed. In the span of two years, Jones was shot during a robbery at his house, accused of stealing a pair of sneakers from a Virginia store, wanted for failure to appear in court on several warrants, arrested for failure to pay child support payments, arrested twice for making terrorist threats and stopped for multiple traffic violations. He also fled a drug treatment center, was sentenced to two years in prison for possession of a controlled substance, and made a famous appearance at the Wu-Tang Clan's 2000 show at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York while on the run from the law.

"I feel good," Jones told Rolling Stone last year upon his prison release. "I'm happy my eyes are open. I'm all right physically and mentally . . . The first thing I wanted to do was give my mother a hug."

Jones is survived by his mother and a reported thirteen children.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

apache en el horno

Primera | Atlético

El Atlético ha desestimado el fichaje de Carlos Tévez. Los informes sobre su problemático entorno han hecho que la dirección rojiblanca frene una operación que tenía un coste de 30 millones de euros, dentro de los cuales estaba ya incluido lo que recibiría Boca y lo que percibiría el jugador en concepto de ficha. El Atlético tenía previsto hacer efectivo el pago del jugador de Boca en cinco años, a razón de seis millones de euros anuales.

Todo estaba atado, pero el informe negativo sobre el ambiente que rodea al Apache ha dictado sentencia. No han gustado nada en Madrid los últimos acontecimientos que han rodeado la vida privada del jugador y que han afectado a su rendimiento hasta tal punto, que Pekerman le ha dejado fuera de la última convocatoria de Argentina.

Tévez ha sido portada de las revistas del corazón en Argentina por anunciar el embarazo de su ex novia Vanessa Mansilla a la vez que reconocía que la dejaba por la modelo Natalia Fassi. Este hecho llamó la atención, pero no dejaba de ser un asunto personal hasta que llegó el tema de sus vacaciones en plena temporada. Alegando cansancio, Tévez pidió un permiso a Boca para irse de vacaciones. Las fotos del jugador con su nueva novia en una playa brasileña mientras su equipo perdía las opciones al título de Liga han sido la gota que ha colmado el vaso. Esas fotos, además, le han costado al jugador 1.800 euros de indemnización por agredir al fotógrafo que las hizo.

En el Atlético el caso recordaba al de Martín Palermo, cuando se estuvo sopesando su contratación y finalmente no se hizo por el mismo problema que Tévez. Entonces, los rojiblancos prefirieron contratar a Hasselbaink, con los resultados ya demostrados de uno y otro jugador. El Atlético destinará esos 30 millones de euros en el fichaje de otro crack que dé un salto de calidad al equipo.

Está cerca del Corinthians

El futuro de Carlos Tévez está cada véz más cerca de Brasil. La oferta que hizo un empresario británico en nombre del Corinthians es la que más seduce a Boca Juniors. El club de Sao Paulo ha ofrecido unos 17 millones de euros al contado para hacerse con el jugador. En un principio Tévez tenía como meta venir a Europa, pero primero el PSV y ahora el Atlético le han cerrado sus puertas. El Apache no vería con malos ojos un pase a Brasil, lo que le permitiría tener a un paso sus playas preferidas.

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NBA.com: Emanuel Ginobili Bio

NBA.com: Emanuel Ginobili Bio: playing like an All-Star. Chequenlo.


Monday, November 15, 2004

paris, londres & españa

Mi primo Martín se fue de viaje.

Estuvo en varios meses en Roma, vivió en Barcelona (España) un tiempo, pasó por Londres y París
y ahora se va a ver que tal es el sudeste asiático.


Friday, November 12, 2004


Creo que voy a empezar a postear cuentos de gente en problemas. Son útiles para relativizar las pelotudeces que suelen preocupar a las personas con problemas triviales. Obvio que cuando digo "las personas" me refiero a mi:

Diario Deportivo Olé: "La FIFA le permitipo a Mutu entrenarse en el Dínamo Bucarest
La Federación Internacional de Fútbol (FIFA) ratificó la suspensión de siete meses impuesta al rumano Adrian Mutu por la Federación Inglesa (FA) y la ha ampliado a todo el mundo, pero sólo para cualquier tipo de partido, incluyendo nacional o internacional, amistoso u oficial. En consecuencia Mutu puede entrenar con cualquier club o desempeñar tareas relacionadas al fútbol. El delantero, que fue echado por el Chelsea tras conocerse la pena por consumo de cocaína, fue invitado por su ex equipo, Dínamo de Bucarest, para unirse en los entrenamientos, así como por Anghel Iordanescu, entrenador de la selección rumana, para ser su ayudante de campo. "


Thursday, November 11, 2004


::SOUTH AMERICAN CONFERENCE:: pinta muy, muy bien, lineup bastante bien cubierto. Especialmente quiero ver a Richie Hawtin, aka Plastikman.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

mi buenos aires

November 2004

News this month

Take no prisoners

With public concern running high over crime, Buenos Aires provincial security forces have taken a new tough line to deal with a series of high-profile kidnappings. In two separate cases last month, armed police stormed houses to rescue kidnap victims, killing their captors. This proactive approach has been trumpeted by León Arslanián, the provincial security chief, who declared that the administration was finally winning the war on kidnapping. But it is a risky strategy. A bungled rescue attempt in March led to the death of Axel Blumberg, a kidnapped student. His story has been at the centre of his father's anti-crime crusade, and police officers—nervous about a reprise—had been following a policy of arresting kidnappers only after ransom was paid and the victim was released. So these new cases mark a reverse in policy. The successes have boosted morale, but another blunder will surely spark another round of protests.

To assure residents that other crime problems are being addressed, Buenos Aires city authorities have pledged to launch an unarmed “Urban Guard” early next year. This new non-violent, anti-crime force will handle minor infractions, calling on the police when necessary.

For background, see: The battle for safer streets, September 30th 2004

Presidential scares

Even Néstor Kirchner, Argentina's president, has been a target in the country's recent crime wave, after an intruder broke into the grounds of the presidential residence in Olivos, on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, in October. The man climbed the wall surrounding the residence and wandered the grounds for around three hours, asking one member of staff for a glass of water before escaping unhindered. Argentines are well-versed in conspiracy theories, and the government publicly fretted that the incident was meant as a warning to the president. It was unclear, however, exactly what message the intruder was trying to convey.

The episode came just days after another scare, when an engine failure forced the presidential jet, Tango 01, to make an emergency landing at the capital's main airport. Both incidents have led to an overhaul of presidential security, with new controls at Olivos and a detailed examination of Tango 01. But the most noticeable measure is expected to be high ornamental railings around the Casa Rosada presidential palace in the centre of the city, to keep out demonstrators.

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Tête-à-tête dining

The Soul Café bills itself as a “boogie restaurant and sushi bar”...

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Cruel punishment

The Buenos Aires provincial prison system has been labelled “cruel and perverse” in an official study. A provincial human rights group investigated thousands of cases and found chronic overcrowding, limited resources and widespread torture, including electric shocks, beatings, suffocation and blows to the soles of the feet. The study's authors reckon that the abuses are the responsibility of the prison authorities, with the connivance of the public, which is clamouring for tougher law enforcement in response to a recent crime wave.

Harsher sentencing laws mean the province's jails now hold 25,000 prisoners in a system with capacity for 19,000. Around another 5,000 are being held in the cells of provincial police stations. So there are now 220 prisoners for every 100,000 citizens of the province, the highest proportion in the region. The provincial authorities hope to alleviate the problem of capacity by building ten new jails within the next two years, with room for around 5,000 prisoners. But with the prison population rising by over 3,000 a year, the new facilities will make only a partial dent on the problem. Worst of all, the tough prison system, which dates from 1999, appears to have done nothing to reduce crime, which has leapt by around half since 1998.

Once more, with feeling

In October, the city council launched a drive to force drivers to wear their seat belts or face stiff fines. Seat belts have long been obligatory in Argentina, but the law has rarely been enforced, even though the authorities reckon that it would prevent 60% of road deaths. On the first day of the campaign, an army of police officers imposed over 2,000 fines of between $15 and $165. That saw observance shoot up immediately to around 90%, from less than 10% before the campaign. In November, seatbelts will also be made compulsory in the front seats on buses.

In general, the public has welcomed the plan. But some opposition politicians have argued that the drive only highlights the absence of a more general road-safety policy. Others decried the scheme as merely a way of raising funds, a charge denied by Aníbal Ibarra, the city chief, who said that the money raised was insignificant within the city's overall budget.

Party time

Visitors to Buenos Aires during the summer carnival should watch out if they want to avoid a soaking. In October, the province's legislators approved a law to legalise the throwing of water and paper, although only during the festival. This runs counter to a series of laws issued in 1973, which outlawed such high-spirited japes, along with a range of offences including disguising oneself as a celebrity, dressing in uniform and changing one's physical appearance with wigs, false beards or masks. All these activities will now be allowed at carnival time.

The move follows attempts by the Buenos Aires city council to revive the capital's carnival. But it has yet to convince central government of the need to restore the two days of public holidays for the carnival, which were abolished by the military government during the 1970s.


Gran Theft Auto: San Andreas

GTA Throws in the Kitchen Sink: impresionante cómo hicieron que el juego nuevo de la serie GTA tuviera muchos elementos de variados juegos...

Tuesday, November 9, 2004

whottie who

Adriana Lima

Si te gusta Adriana Lima, dale clicka acá. Si no la conocés, tomá:


don´t rock the vote


Como viene sucediendo desde hace muchos años en nuestra facultad, la Mafia Morada y sus socios, no están dispuestos a hacerle caso a la voluntad popular, no les importa otra cosa que mantener la gigantesca caja (mas de $3.000.000 al año) con la que, aparte de lo que se roban, financian los vestigios del Partido Radical (¿Te acordás de De la Rua, López Murphy, el Coty Nosiglia y toda esa fauna?) y sostienen el aparato de violencia con el que mantienen la usurpación del Centro de Estudiantes desde el 2001 (punto de inflexión histórico dentro de la vida política de la FCE, cuando en ALI//\\NZA con la Belgrano, perdieron las elecciones - luego de un virreinato de 18 años- en manos de TNT y decidieron quedarse hasta hoy - hecho que solo puede llevarse a cabo con la complicidad del Decano y de sus “antiguos” socios de la Belgrano quienes desde el Consejo Directivo con sus 4 consejeros jamás hicieron nada para sacar a su agrupación hermana.)


Elecciones? ¿Lo que? ¿Qué elegimos? ¿Entre que y que? ¿entre Viacuman y Tumonte?

Si tontín, Cabecita de novi@ no viste que durante la semana pasada (en Córdoba recién el viernes 5) tímidamente aparecieron unos cartelitos informando sobre la realización de unas supuestas elecciones para el “Centro de Estudiantes”. Se ve claramente que lo que no quieren es que nos informemos. Demostrando una vez mas que no les importa en lo mas mínimo la Democracia y explorando nuevas formas de vulnerarla, la Franja Morada (Nuevo Espacio Participativo) preparó para este año una nueva sorpresita ahora hacen una elección sin opciones entre las que elegir ¿Cómo es eso? Claro solo se presentan ellos y las agrupaciones fantasma con las que históricamente se valieron para “fraudear”®. Lo que tendríamos que hacer es elegir, pero entre lo mismo: Ortega o Gasset; Once o Miserere; a continuación o seguido, o lo que sería mas gráfico en este caso, tendríamos que elegir entre cagadera, diarrea o colitis.

Es simple, saben que en unas elecciones como la gente a estos mafiosos y corruptos no los eligen ni los familiares (papi Nosiglia los votaría, pero no estudia en la Facu) y por eso buscan superarse año a año en el arte del fraude.


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T-Shirt Hell para bebes


Firefox - Rediscover the web

Firefox - Rediscover the web: por fin se lanzó Firefox 1.0

Go get it now!


Monday, November 8, 2004

Dos minutos de silencio...

Andrés Werner says: hola mi amor
Andrés Werner says: como la pasaste el domingo?
En vez de puchero... dos pepas...bue says: lindo dia ayer?
Andrés Werner says: si, no estuvo mal
En vez de puchero... dos pepas...bue says: mucho sol... dia primaveral...
En vez de puchero... dos pepas...bue says: Pero hicieron los dos goles y nada mas... he...
Andrés Werner says: si, fue parejo
Andrés Werner says: si hubiera entrado la de tevez...
Andrés Werner says: pero no
En vez de puchero... dos pepas...bue says: jaja... y que mala leche en el segundo gol... El pato la manotea... pega en el palo y sale para adentro...
Andrés Werner says: si, en realidad jugaron los dos mal
Andrés Werner says: nosotros ligamos más
Andrés Werner says: igual, por ejemplo, que ganar por penales
Andrés Werner says: en cierta semi
En vez de puchero... dos pepas...bue says: jaja

Wednesday, November 3, 2004

Clarín informado

Miren que clara la tienen en Clarín sobre la NBA:

Para aquellos que no saben sobre la NBA porque no les interesa y no les pagan para escribir sobre el tema en un diario de circulación nacional, los actuales campeones de la NBA son los Detroit Pistons.

Ah, siguiendo, les cuento que hay un Argentino en los Pistons: Carlos Delfino.

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Cancelling My Google

Un programador conocido canceló una entrevista en Google y parece que se acabó el mundo. Miren los comments en el post, hay de supuestos empleados de Google, opinadores, etc, etc. Interesante.

Blog Maverick

Mark Cuban, fundador de Broadcast.com, un sitio de medios online vendido a Yahoo! en $5.7 mil millones, tiene un Blog donde recientemente escribió un poco sobre como hacerle llegar propuestas de negocio.

Medio engreido, pero interesante al fin.

Yo también sería un poco engreido si tuviera $5 700 000 000 verdes en el banco.

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Arnet Sucks Forum

Arnet Sucks Forum:

La duplicación de velocidad que Telecom promete en los próximos días, como muchos presentimos desde el principio, era demasiado buena para ser verdad: El aumento de velocidad traerá aparejado a partir de junio de 2005 un nuevo límite mensual de download de 4 GB para el plan de 512 Kbps, 8 GB para el plan de 1 Mbps y 12 GB para el plan de 2 Mbps. El exceso de tráfico será cobrado a razón de $15 + IVA por GB.

4 GB, que es el límite que la gran mayoría de los usuarios pasará a tener, apenas es suficiente para los usuarios que usan su conexión meramente para chatear, navegar y bajar algo ocasionalmente. Lo patético de esto es que el límite es impuesto por Telecom, lo cual significa que alcanzará a todos los proveedores de servicio DSL en zona Telecom y que, consecuentemente, cambiarse a otro proveedor dentro de dicha zona será totalmente inútil.

¿Por qué el límite será aplicado en junio de 2005 y no ahora? Conociendo a Telecom, que es capaz de cualquier cosa con tal de ganar $$$, no se me ocurre nada más que esta razón comercial: Harán marketing masivo de su "nuevo servicio" con velocidad duplicada hasta junio de 2005 sin mencionar (o mencionando en letra súper chica) el futuro límite de download, con el fin de "enganchar" a la mayor cantidad de usuarios nuevos posibles. Al principio, las víctimas que se suscriban al servicio pensarán que los de Telecom son "buenos" y que por fin los servicios de acceso a Internet en Argentina han evolucionado. Luego de unos meses, sin embargo, se darán cuenta de que han sido estafados y probablemente no puedan darse de baja gracias al contrato mínimo de un año.

¿Qué pasará con Telefónica y los proveedores de otras tecnologías? Creo que es muy probable, sobre todo en el caso de Telefónica, que se copien de Telecom. Si bien la única forma de alguien que vive en zona Telefónica de acceder al nuevo servicio de Telecom sería mudándose, no creo que Telefónica quiera dar una imagen de estar cobrando lo mismo que Telecom por planes con la mitad de velocidad. Por un plan de $x/mes Telefónica ofrecería 512 Kbps, mientras que Telecom ofrecería "1 Mbps". Telecom no mencionaría explícitamente que su plan tiene un límite mensual de download de 8 GB, con lo cual los usuarios ingenuos simplemente compararían las velocidades y elegirían, si pudieran, Telecom. ¿Las otras empresas se aguantarían esto? No lo creo. Pienso que, con esta decisión, Telecom va a arrastrar a todas las demás empresas y al país en general en lo que respecta a servicios de acceso a Internet.

Por otra parte, algunos piensan que este límite se mantendrá sólo hasta que Telecom recupere los 30-40 millones de dólares que invertirá el año que viene para poder soportar la duplicación de velocidad. Yo lo dudo. Creo que esto será otro impuesto a las operaciones sobre cuentas corrientes (mal conocido como "impuesto al cheque") que se mantendrá por tiempo indefinido. Una vez que Telecom vea la cantidad de $$$ que puede hacer en multas de tráfico, será muy difícil que decida sacar el límite.

Telecom no duplicará nuestra velocidad para nuestro beneficio; lo harán porque les conviene. Ganarán y ahorrarán mucho más ofreciendo 512 Kbps con un límite mensual de 4 GB que ofreciendo los 256 Kbps ilimitados actuales. Telecom quiere cobrarnos a nosotros sus inversiones para mejorarse a ellos mismos y poder así hacer más $$$ en el futuro. ¡No dejemos que lo hagan!

¿Estás dispuesto a cambiarte a no importa qué servicio, empresa o tecnología de acceso permanente a Internet con tal de no tener este límite? Otras opciones donde todavía no se ha hablado de límites de tráfico incluyen cablemodem, wireless, y quizás servicios DSL para empresas (que tienen lo mismo que los residenciales pero cuestan tres veces más). Me cuesta creer, sin embargo, que las empresas de cablemodem no se copien eventualmente de Telecom. Después de todo, ¿desde cuándo los proveedores de Internet en Argentina ofrecen cosas distintas a precios distintos y con limitaciones radicalmente distintas?

Cuando se implemente este límite estaremos peor que China, un país comunista donde hay planes ilimitados y no medidos de 512 Kbps disponibles por menos de 15 dólares por mes.

Está al tanto! ingresá en http://forum.arnetsucks.com.ar/ y participá para que esto no se materialice!!


WSJ: Kerry Concedes to Bush

Finish Line
Kerry Concedes to Bush

Republicans Maintain
Control of Congress;
Crucial Role for Ohio

November 3, 2004 11:40 a.m.

WASHINGTON -- President Bush won a second term from a divided and anxious nation, his promise of steady, strong wartime leadership trumping John Kerry's fresh-start approach to Iraq and joblessness. After a long, tense night of vote counting, the Democrat called Mr. Bush Wednesday to concede Ohio and the presidency, the Associated Press learned.

Mr. Kerry ended his quest, concluding one of the most expensive and bitterly contested races on record, with a call to the president shortly after 11 a.m. Eastern time, according to two officials familiar with the conversation. Mr. Kerry is expected to deliver a 1 p.m. address in Boston to publicly concede the election.

The victory gave Mr. Bush four more years to pursue the war on terror and a conservative, tax-cutting agenda -- and probably the opportunity to name one or more justices to an aging Supreme Court. He also will preside over expanded Republican majorities in Congress.

Mr. Kerry congratulated Mr. Bush in a conversation described by sources as lasting less than five minutes. One of the sources was Republican, the other a Democrat.

Tuesday, November 2, 2004

Telecom garcas

Aquí pueden enterarse sobre el último favor que nos hace Telecom.

Se trata de una duplicación de tasas de transferencia de ADSL. Una masa. De 256 pasás a 512, de 512 a 1024, etc.

Impresionante, no?

No. Además de regalarnos esto nos imponen una razonable máxima transferencia mensual. ¿En donde la establecieron? 4GB. Con eso para mandar mails y chatear vas más que bien. Ahora, si querés usar el Kazaa, por ejemplo, te vas a encontrar pagando la módica suma de $15 +IVA por mes por cada GB excedente.

Calculando el uso actual yo tendría que estar pagando unos $750 extra por mes. Nada mal, ¿no es cierto?

¡Gracias Telecom!